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Welcome to our website, here at Grizzly tree experts we are extremely passionate about trees and especially caring for trees in the urban environment, because with modern day living among urban trees we understand how important they are, and how they need to be managed and maintained to maximize safety, tree health, appearance and property value. We are a small local Vancouver tree company, and we aim to provide first class service with a smile to our customers, share our wealth of knowledge with you and give you the best experience with our company as possible, because getting to know our clients and their trees is important to us.

Excellent Certified Arborist Tree Services

Our certified arborist tree services cover the Lower Mainland

Grizzly tree experts covers the Greater Vancouver area so if you are located in Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam. We  also provide certified arborist tree services on the islands of Howe sound such as Bowen Island,  Gambier Island,  Keats Island, Bowyer Island, Anvil Island and Pasley Island

A full range of tree services

​We provide a full range of tree services working to the highest possible standards of the Arboricultre industry and we work with a maximum level of safety for both our client and our employees...

Tree education from a certified arborist

We are a small, local Vancouver company that provides a fantastic level of customer service. We will educate you on the trees in your garden, your strata or on your commercial property on how and when they should be pruned, we will identify any problems with your trees and give you options on what can be done to overcome the issues...

Tree removal service and tree permits

Sometimes your trees will become unhealthy due to insect damage or fungal disease and are beyond help. We can help you with obtaining a tree removal permit (if required) and we can safely remove your trees, even in the tightest of locations...

Tree pruning service

All of our tree pruning is carried out with the most advanced, non-invasive climbing techniques and safe work practices. All of tree pruning that we perform meets the ANZI standards (American National Standards Institute) and inline with the ISA code of ethics.

Work process

The whole Grizzly Tree Experts process is a pleasure from start to finish, all you have to do is request a free estimate, we then come and look at your trees and listen to what requests you may have, and make recommendations.

We will then schedule the work on a suitable day and provide the highest quality treecare possible...

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Pruning a

sweet chestnut

Take a look at the type of work we do. This is a video of a Sweet Chestnut tree we pruned in the Point Grey area of Vancouver.

The scope of the work was to thin out the dense canopy a little, raise over the hot tub and prune away from the roof of the house...

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