Videos from some of our tree work

We were faced with a Scots Pine tree with a huge stem that had failed onto an apartment building. The tree was still partially attached at the point of failure and the tip end of the stem was resting on the roof of the building.

This video is to highlight and show examples of what happens years after trees have been topped. This video can be shown to colleagues, friends, family, neighbours and anyone who wants to 'top trees', has 'topped' their tree etc... We explain what issues may occur at the topping points. How topping can create future risks unbeknownst to a homeowner, and the stress it causes on the tree.

This video demonstrates how we set ourselves apart as professionals by incorporating bluetooth communication systems into our safety helmets, allowing climber and groundsman permanent contact throughout the entire job

Emma got an amazing gift for Christmas, but soon after, it got stuck 70ft up in a tree near 'Barge Chilling Beach' in Vancouver, B.C. Luckily Dan came to the rescue and climbed the huge Poplar tree to recover the present and return it safely to a very excited Emma.

This was a super fun Western red Cedar tree removal job. We set up a speed line to rig down all the branches over the house to save energy and time. We then blocked down the upper two thirds of the main trunk, and finally felled the bottom 25-30 foot of main trunk.

Climbing the ancient and colossal Douglas Fir tree better known as ‘Big Lonely Doug’, located in near Port Renfrew, British Columbia, Canada. We teamed up with the guys from Ancient forest Alliance, Ascending the Giants and Arboreal collective to set upon this amazing tree climbing expedition, with the aim to photograph, film and measure this amazing specimen, in the hope to create a greater awareness that many of the last remaining stands of old growth trees in British Columbia are still being logged rather than protected.

In this high quality video we describe in detail why and when you would want or need to make a step cut. We discuss the subtle changes you can make to your cut as the diameter of wood gets larger, and we give you some clear and concise examples. All of this information is aimed as a guide to help you not waste time and energy making multiple cuts, why not try to get it right the first time, every time.......

Take a tour on our morning job plan and walk around. See the hazards we are faced with, the steep gradient, the windows on the roof, and how important the plan and setup is to make this a successful job that could go horribly wrong. Watch as we rig up some pretty slick window protection.

This job is a large, mature Black Locust tree with a nasty split on a very large stem overhanging a coachhouse. This stem also contains other smaller unions with concerning separations. The guys take on some hazard mitigation work to remove this potentially dangerous stem.

Demonstrating how branches can be rigged from a tree in a controlled manor on a slide line when poor access might make things awkward

Removing deadwood and hazardous branches from a Douglas Fir tree on Eagle Island near West Vancouver

Pruning a large Douglas Fir tree next to the Ocean in West Vancouver

Pruning out deadwood and broken branches from 5 large Douglas fir trees at a school

Pruning a Sweet Chestnut tree, thinning & raising the canopy, pruning away from the house and removing eppicormic shoots

Demonstrating different rigging techniques to remove this large Lombardy Poplar tree in a safe and controlled manor

For those who are looking to get into the competition scene, this video is for you. See FPV footage of a work climb from start to finish, with tips along the way to help you feel more confident about going into your next comp. Good luck!!

Rescuing a 9 month old cat 'Penny' who had been stuck up a Cedar tree for a few days in outh Surrey